Monday’s Motivation

I recently got inspired to see Monday’s in a whole new light. It can be easy to see this particular day as “the awful day after the weekend.” What I am now realising though, is no matter how you choose to view this particular day that comes around every seven days it is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Now to me it seems a pretty crazy to spend 1 day in 7 gloomy. That is potentially 52 days of your year spent on being miserable. Pretty crazy, right?!



How can you make Monday’s better? Know your goals and where you want them to take you. It does not really matter what the actual goal is as long as it is something that you are genuinely excited about and makes you happy. The next step is to break down this big goal into monthly, weekly and daily goals and tasks.

For example, if you are wanting to save a large portion of money within a set time. Know how much the total is for your goal. Divide amount by the measure of time you have to reach it in. You may not always be able to put in as much as you wanted but by knowing where you are headed and how much further you have to go, you can spend more time focusing on how to actually get there.

Say you need to save $15,000. Now it is obviously quite a sum of money for those like myself who have never been so great at saving. In reality though if my yearly goal is $15,000 then it is $1,250 per month which really does seem a fair bit more manageable. Simply having that monthly goal won’t be enough to get your there necessarily. It is helpful then to know the weekly goal which in this case would be $312. Again, still quite a sum of money but definitely easier to get your head around.

Once you know your weekly goal you can then set daily tasks which lead to reaching the weekly goal, which leads to reaching the monthly and then the yearly goal. Brainstorm all the different ways, that work for you, where you can earn some extra side cash. Maybe you have things you can sell on gumtree, pick up a babysitting gig, spend less money on your daily Starbucks (or coffee of choice). Every day do one of these items and watch how quickly it adds up.


By doing these things as part of your everyday life you undergo a transformation of sorts. Your time becomes more valuable because you could be using that Netflix marathon to be ticking off your daily task. It becomes so exciting to be able to see all the progress you make and the end goal really does seem more and more tangible the closer you get to it when you work in this way.

Back to my original point of making Monday’s better; use this day to reflect on your last week and what you achieved and set up the week ahead’s daily to-do list. I also find it helpful to use aromatic anchors while setting up my week. This means to have a smell that you use whenever you are setting or working towards your goal. The easiest way I have found to do this is in my diffuser.


My favourite blend has been 3-4 drops of patchouli and wild orange each and 2 of peppermint. Peppermint supplies mental alertness and stimulating properties to get you awake and energised. Patchouli, the Oil of Physicality, reminds us to stay in the present moment rather then daydreaming, while also calming anxious feelings and balancing the mind and body connection. Wild Orange enhances concentration and energy white emotionally being the Oil of Abundance and helping us to be creative and abundant in all areas.

A few other great options include

Basil Oil of Renewal – for its energising and rejuvenating properties

Ginger the Oil of Empowerment – to get your feeling empowered, capable and fully committed to the task at hand.

Lemon the Oil of Focus – brings focus, mental stimulation, alertness and clarity of thought

Motivate blend – supports feeling motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energised and confident

Passion blend – helps you find your passion in life, take risks, find inspiration and be creative


My last tip of this post is to keep some form of gratitude journal. I choose to have a whole A4 notebook but that is in no way imperative. Perhaps it is just a post-it note or pocket notebook. Take a part of each day whether that be at AM or PM, to really think about something new that you are truly grateful for. Some of the things when I first started that were on my list; I have my health, I bought a new dress, and so on. The challenge grew the further I went on trying to name something I had not mentioned before.

As you take the weeks and months of this daily gratitude you undergo quite a transformation in my experience. I am grateful for the days full of sunshine for being warm and doing fun outdoor things while also grateful for the rainy days of being inside with a book and fuzzy socks. You start observing all the little things you never noticed before and you feel delighted to have seen them.

What is the goal you have been dreaming about but never really got around to doing anything to achieving? I would love to know any extra tips that you have on how to reach your goals or getting motivated.

As always if you would like more information on dōterra, wholesale accounts or essential oils feel free to send me a message through any of the links here. Alternatively, make your purchase through


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