About Me


I am a Mum to beautiful Summer, Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA, plant-based eater, and passionate holistic health and wellness promoter. I am part of the essential oil solution and proud to be. I focus on empowering and educating on the potent and powerful benefits of oils on emotional, physical and spiritual health.


My journey with health has been a long one. Originally starting as generally being unwell through my teenage years and onward. I had found that modern medicine was not helping me heal from my health issues. This is what lead me to researching natural alternatives at the age of 20. I started with peppermint tea and grounding, not a huge step forward but it did get me moving forward.


The more I researched the more essential oils kept coming up. I wasn’t sure at that point whether they were something worth trying or not. One day I had the opportunity to try some dōterra oils and I jumped at the chance. It was a slow start at the beginning of my oil journey but the more I used them the more I loved them. Now-a-days I could not imagine not having these beautiful tools to reach for throughout my day and night, especially with my little one. I have a video on my in-depth story on my personal journey starting with oils here.


Since then I have grown an abundant business through dōTERRA. It is through sharing these amazing oils that I have been able to grow and heal as a person but help so many others. Having the opportunity to improve another persons quality of life through alternative medicine is something that makes me incredibly happy and I look forward to continuing in the future. If you would like more information on the business just head to the contact page.

I’m always happy to answer questions of any topic so feel free to email me any time at contact@debrabros.org


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